Welcome to Confidently Chloe’s new blog!

Hello, I would like to take a moment and welcome you to the Confidently Chloe blog.

I thought this would be a good forum to share a parent’s point of view in the world of facial differences, or any differences and bring you a little behind the scenes of Chloe’s world. 

I shared some of Chloe’s favourites with you on that specific web page, like the Greatest Gluten-Free Brownies and a book report, but here will be the story behind her favourites or a look into how we made them.

We are so grateful to be a part of many groups within the facial difference community and have received so much love and support. But I don’t want to limit this blog to just one group. There are differences in everyone, every group, every ethnicity, every race and neighbourhood. Our message above all is kindness and differences are beautiful.

A dream of mine would be that everyone can walk down the street and feel accepted for who they are, no matter what their face looks like. What a wonderful day that will be if we just smiled and said Hi to one another, no judgment.  Just a happy hello.

So, welcome, I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you keep coming back to visit!


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