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Kelly created this book series to help other children with differences understand that you are no longer an object to be stared at; you’re a person if you add your voice. This book is a true story taken from her own life. It represents what she has taught her daughter to do when someone is staring at her. Kelly is an advocate for kindness and acceptance for everyone and is committed to changing the world one face at a time.

Kelly grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada. She loves animals of all kinds and would take in a squirrel if it needed rescuing. As a child, Kelly always enjoyed writing short stories and journaling but ultimately found love within the fashion industry. She decided to turn her book Hi, I’m Me into a series in hopes her stores will help others dealing with the same situations as her and her family.

Kelly lives in a suburb of Toronto in Canada with her husband, daughter and their one year old Puppy named Sammy. Her daughter was born with Treacher-Collins Syndrome.


“I am so overwhelmed with emotions right now. It is such a beautiful story.”

– Karen McEvoy

– Educator

“Chloe encourages readers to respond to the reactions of others with courage, charm, and assuredness. This book is a delightful way to facilitate assertiveness and feelings of positive self-worth.”

- Ariella Folman

– Early Childhood Consultant

“This story is touching and a must for any home or school library. “Hi, I’m Me” is a reminder to be proud of who you are and the importance of thoughtfully educating others about our similarities and differences.“

- Teresa Polito

– Educator

“We all have differences. Some of them are visible, and some are invisible, but if you are confident, then that is your SUPERPOWER.”

– KV

“Hi, I’m Me provides an empowering message for kids living with a facial difference while introducing younger kids to the important topics of diversity and inclusion. “-


“As someone who cares for children born with differences and their families, you have accomplished a great feat. You have distilled in a simple narrative the fears and worries they face in response to the looks and questions of others, and beyond that, you provide an approach. This book speaks to all of us, children and parents alike.”

Dr. Sharon Cushing

– Pediatric Otolaryngologist, The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids)

“A wonderful book that reminds us all that being different is not only beautiful, but that we should embrace these differences in ourselves and others.”-

Heather Lean

– International Best-Selling Author of Angel Grandma

"A must-have for teachers, parents, and caregivers. Hi, I'm Me in Kindergarten encourages young children to use their voice to gain confidence and feel proud of their unique differences. Children will learn about acceptance, confidence, and how the power of using kind words and actions can positively affect others. A beautiful story of how a mother's message to her daughter helps others realize the importance of acceptance, inclusiveness, and being kind to one another."

Marcia Elizabeth Papa

-Early Childhood Educator, Montessori Directress Founder/Principal, Wee Bees Learning Centre

"It is so incredibly important to teach our children valuable lessons from an early age. This is a lovely story about going to Kindergarten and meeting new friends who at times will say something that is not so nice. Our children have a choice to accept or reject these comments. This book gives children the confidence to believe in themselves."

Wendy Marquenie

-Author of Genius Asks, Who Am I?
Confidently Chloe

Hi, I’m Me in Kindergarten

Later, I got to bring home my art to show my family. I told them about all the fun I had.