Facial Differences Understanding Kids Book

Every child is unique and beautifully different. Every child is born with talents and personality traits that make them a special member of your family. Some children are born with facial differences and conditions that make them appear different from other children. Help your child understand that every face is beautiful with an understanding facial differences in kids’ book from Confidently Chloe.

Our beautifully illustrated children's book can help your child understand that it's not always polite to stare at people and that one way they can share a little extra love is to share a smile with children that may look different than them.

Understanding Facial Differences in Children Book

Confidently Chloe is a children's book and Activity Company owned by a caring mother and author. Our goal is to help children understand that everyone has inherent qualities that make them special and worthy of love. Some children are born with conditions that your child may want to call out and stare at.

However, this can make things uncomfortable for parents and children alike, and it's important that your loved ones understand that we can be friendly to all children when we share a smile. Confidently Chloe started with a simple phrase, "if you're smiling, you're not staring," and all of our children's books are designed to help your child navigate our world with kindness and empathy.

Our hope is to spread inclusivity and awareness to parents and children so that we can live in a world where facial differences are celebrated and accepted. Our children's books are a fun and easy way to teach your child important life lessons in the comfort of your own home.

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