Hi, I’m Me




In this heart-warming tale about a mother and daughter, first-time author Kelly Vurinaris captures the beauty in human differences.She takes the reader through everyday experiences in the life of Chloe, a little girl with facial differences. Since she’s been going out into the world, Chloe notices people staring at her. To connect with others and break down initial barriers, she quickly discovers that she just needs to introduce herself. With one simple phrase, she is creating inclusivity and changing the world, one face at a time. With her mom’s guidance, Chloe learns that although she may look different, all differences are beautiful.This is a book that builds confidence in our children without them understanding what confidence is. It helps kids identify that being different is okay, and that we are all people. It is the perfect story for parents or teachers who want to teach children about inclusivity, and how everyone has equal value no matter how they look.


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