Confidently Chloe’s Kindness Kit




Thank you for being a part of our Kindness Club. Teaching our kids how to be kind to one another is important as it leads to confidence within themselves and, ultimately, a kinder world.

The Confidently Chloe Kindness kit is a great educational learning tool for parents and educators of children ages 3 to 7. There are worksheets for every weekday for approximately one month. It covers everything from learning about our feelings to drawing your very own superpower!

*The Morning Movement section is a fun way to get moving in the morning and learn about kindness in the process.
*Kindness Calendar – Included in your kit is a page of star stickers. You are welcome to use them in any way you wish, but the intention is to create a Kindness Calendar. I have included a calendar page, and it can be used to track daily acts of kindness for one month. For every act of kindness shown, they receive a sticker on the calendar. Once your child receives 5, 10, or however many you think is appropriate, they will receive a prize. This can be anything you know they like, e.g. a stuffed toy, doll, truck, craft supplies, etc.

I am excited you will experience the world through Chloe’s eyes and get to know about her daily life. I truly hope you enjoy this Kindness Kit and would love it if you shared some of your finished work with us! Please email or tag us on any of our social channels.
Facebook: @Confidently Chloe or Instagram: @confidently_chloe

Have a wonderful day, and Always Be You!

Sincerely, Confidently Chloe

In this Kit:
• One Hi, I’m Me book
• One month lesson plan including colouring pages & Morning Movements
• Double-sided flashcards (1 side feelings & Emotions, 2nd side a matching game)
• Bookmark Craft
• Kindness Calendar
• Star stickers
• Confidently Chloe Pen
• Crayons


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